What is Life?

We forget to let ourselves enjoy it sometimes. To express that joy with wide eyes and a big ol’ smile. “Laughing out loud” became a silent text. Can you hear me now?

Wondering about this lead me to a different kind of wanderlust. One that I found cooking at a campground! We can stir up adventures and find different culture cuisines right at home. Every now and then we’ll camp out and connect with nature. We are going to start Living out Loud, Lao style!



Wanderlust; an irresistibly strong impulsive desire to travel, wander, explore and taste the many wonderful cultures and cuisines of the world.

Wanderlust has had me dreaming of adventures for as long as I can remember.  I grew up never having traveled anywhere, because our family was struggling just to have enough food and clothes.  I would read and imagine all these different destinations that transported me from geography books, romance novels and travel magazines.  I would fantasize about hiking the great mountains, swimming with dolphins, and dining near crystal clear ocean water.  Drifting from my reality made me feel as if nothing mattered; Just me and nature and not a worry in the world.

In raising a family while cultivating a community of giving and gratitude through the Jai Lao Foundation, I realized that sharing our passions and encouraging growth is best done with love. Being so involved with the mission to reach out and help brought me from town to city to state to my home country. We have connected and created with so many people and continue to make an impact. After 8 years of guiding this charity, I feel it’s time to hand the reigns over and continue to aid in different ways.

Time for me to reach within and bring my heart back home. Many don’t know that giving isn’t only about events, money, and labor. We can simply show love. I am making this blog from the bottom of my heart to share recipes, travels, culture, and family, in hopes that you are inspired to Live out Lao’d!

Join me in my quest to wander the many wonders of the world, from the kitchen to the great outdoors! From my family to yours.