Mamma La

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I am not a writer by profession, but I write by the passion that engulfs my heart and spells out my emotions as freely as my fingers will click.  Writing about my thoughts, feelings and experiences is incredibly cathartic for me.  I write to share about family, friends, Lao cuisine, culture, charity, and candid life moments in hopes of inspiring my own children to love and live life to the fullest.   I hope they will embrace the beautiful Lao culture and heritage the way I have come to love and appreciate it.  I attribute my passion for most things Lao to the way my ethnocentrically proud Lao parents taught us. They’re long gone from this world, and that’s why I am very passionate about passing down their heartwarming Lao legacy to my own children.  I want to raise my children in a culturally fun and stimulating home as I was raised.  I hope my children will have a greater sense of who they are and where their mom and grandparents came from.

No one may read my blog, and that’s ok.  I write not for the general audience, but my writing is for my children.  I have always loved to write expressing so much childhood and teenage feelings in my trusted Diary.  My blog is my adult version of my Dear Diary letting my sweet children know the depths of my being and what I hope they’ll learn from my words and experiences in life.  For when I leave this world as we all must, I want to leave them with a piece of my heart in every aspect of their lives.


Sweet Love




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