The lifestyle one lives is a reflection of our individuality and culture.  My habits, attitude, tastes, etc. is a reflection of how I was brought up.  You can take the girl out of Laos but you can’t take Laos out of the girl!  My Lao culture is expressed in many aspects of my life either in my kitchen cooking Lao cuisine or wearing various pieces of textile I acquired from my travels to Laos.  Even in my home decor and style speaks the language of heritage.  Christmas is one of my favorite time of the year to really showcase the wondrous beauty of the Lao culture as I deck our home and trees with cute little knick knacks like thip khaos (bamboo baskets) and silk fabrics from the motherland.

My LaoStyle is unique and personalized to fit my personality.  I tend to do things that’s a bit out of the box.  It can be exhausting to live a certain style that’s in accordance to what we consider normal or acceptable.  What’s right for others may not be right for us.  I have finally found that I must beat to my own drums and following anyone else’s beat is nearly impossible since I am tone deaf and lack rhythm.  The LaoStyle I’ve chosen for myself and my family isn’t about attaining happiness but how to maintain peace in my home.  I want to live a simple and sweet LaoStyle doing what I enjoy with those I love.

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